Pish Posh Hieronymus Bosch

Bosch at DAM

Vision of Tundale, Follower of Hieronymus Bosch, Late Fifteenth Century


For centuries, the paintings by Hieronymus Bosch have intrigued and entranced just about everyone who has ever encountered them. Even though the Denver Museum of Art has the super-cool Vision of Tundale strongly inspired by the master from s’Hertogenbosh (complete with puppet theater), if you wanted an up close view of Bosch’s masterpiece The Garden of Earthly Delights you had to travel to Madrid. Until now…


Hieronymus Bosch, Garden of Earthly Delights, c. 1500

In honor of the 500th anniversary of Bosch’s death, a group of photographers, filmmakers, conservators, and art historians have created a new documentary “Hieronymus Bosch, Touched by the Devil.” To go along with this project, the group has also released a virtual exhibition that lets you get up close with the triptych including audio essays discussing over 40 different areas of the painting. I don’t know about you, but I know how I’m spending my weekend!

Explore the Garden of Earthly Delights Online Interactive Adventure Here!


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